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"Anne, thank you so much for this weekend! It was one of the most amazing riding experiences I have ever had. I learned so much about myself and the green horse I rode. I truly enjoyed your methods and philosophies, you have such passion for the horses and great understanding of them as well as the rider's role as their pilot. It has greatly changed my outlook on how I want to approach each and every horse. It is no wonder you have had such great success! Thank you! And thank you to everyone at Market Street for your hospitality and kindness!"
Kate Lawrence, Market Street Clinic Participant

"Not only did I learn so much watching my daughter Joy ride her young 5 y.o. off the track thoroughbred, I learned by watching all three sessions and the various exercises for each level. I am motivated to work on my riding skills and lighten, lighten, lighten. I am going to be so much more aware of my horse's responses. Thank you Anne Kursinski! Your attention to detail is amazing!"
Jane Devlin Gilfallan, Market Street Clinic Auditor

“Anne picked up where Kathy Kusner left off.  She is a worldwide icon of the sport.”

George Morris, The Chronicle of the Horse’s Turn of the Century Issue.

“Anne can ride any horse as well as or better than most men, and she can deal with the European Warmblood horse better than most women.  Anne has a tremendous record winning internationally, as good as or better than any woman in the history of show jumping.”

The American Jumping  Style in Competition, by George Morris

"I have never met anyone who wants to win as much as she does, but there is something remarkably open in her attitude about the process. There may be an elite of riders with innate talent, but Anne doesn’t appear to recognize this phenomenon.  Do it.  Analyze it.  Do it again.”

Hoffy Mening, Forward Motion

“The embodiment of elegance and grace on horseback, Anne’s apparently effortless show jumping performances belies a never say die competitive temperament and rock-solid riding technique.  Together with Anne’s flair for doing her best when it counts the most in the games and Grand Prix competition – these qualities have deservedly made her a longtime mainstay of the United States Equestrian Team, and one of the most admired riders in the sport today.”

Bill Steinkraus, from an article entitled:  “Hermes Partners with Four-time Olympian, Anne Kursinski,” in Show Circuit Magazine

“Well known for her smooth, fluid riding style, Anne also possess an irresistible combination of beauty, charm and intelligence making her a stand-out in international competition. Anne Kursinski’s talent and personal style has propelled her to stardom, both in the arena and in the world at large.”

From an article entitled “Anne Kursinski, Riding Toward 2000,” in the Equine Trade Journal

“She’s a perfect role model, I think, of the American system.  As an example she has been very consistent at the top level for a lot of years.  She’s always there.  She’s always had a horse or two that are there and to her credit, proper training, hard work, do all the right things.  A lot more young people coming up should follow her example.”

Eric Hasbrouck, from a 30-minute program on Canadian TV in which Anne was one of the three featured riders, entitled “Spruce Meadows Horse Diaries”

"I bought a photo from the $125,000 class at Saugerties last year. That's you standing on the hill wearing the white hat. Thanks for all your help over the last 9 years. I think it's a testament to your insight, knowledge, and your patience to have helped me with my old black horse, Timo, all the way up to jumping a course like this. There were times when you certainly didn't have to help, and you did. Just wanted to say thank you."

Kate Gerhart

"Thanks again for today...as always it was a lot of help. I expect you hear this often, but its great to come to each lesson feeling as if I've gained some valuable insight into riding. You are one of the very few trainers I've encountered capable of such things."

Doug Payne

"Thank you for the fantastic lesson today.  I can't fully express how much I appreciate you taking the time to work with me.  I've never had anyone pin point my issues so quickly and give me such effective exercises to help fix them. "

Kelly Hudyman

"Anne, you are a wonderful example of what can be accomplished when you commit to excellence and have an exceptional work ethic. Whether it is caring for your horses, maintaining your facility,  teaching a clinic or competing at a horse show it is obvious that these are qualities, that you embrace each and every day.  Thank you to you and Hoffy for being excellent role models for my daughter."

Annette Traband
"Mom to Lizzy Traband"