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Above: Anne's Grandfather,
Joe Kindig Jr. on his pony.

Market Street was at one time a bustling street in York, Pennsylvania, where Anne Kursinski’s maternal great-grandfather operated the largest horses and mule dealership in three counties.  His son, Joe Kindig, replaced the horses and mules with antiques and Kentucky rifles, amassing the largest collection of the latter in the world.  In 1988, Market Street’s legacy of distinction would inspire another descendant whose International competitive achievements were already legend.

Following her return from the Seoul Olympics with a United States Equestrian team silver medal in hand, Anne Kursinski and her general manager, Carol Hoffman, envisioned a business that would provide an unparalleled standard of individualized management, care and training of show jumping horses and horsemen.  Operating as an extension of George Morris’ Hunterdon for several years, Market Street nurtured a number of world-class and Olympic showing jumping horses to include:  Livius, Starman, Cannonball, Top Seed, Ferina, Indeed and Eros.  Ten years after its move the New Jersey, the founders imagined that Market Street would one-day stand alone as it had at the last turn of the century and set about building the dream in 2001.

Today, Market Street operates on 130 acres in Frenchtown, New Jersey.  Once an elegant farm and more recently the home of an Internationally renowned  car collector, the property features a beautifully maintained  stone house, believed to have been built in the 1700s and several other similarly charming edifices.

Beyond the home and guesthouse is the dream that only a five-time olympian would imagine could be built.  Rising from the highest elevation on the property, Market Street is very clearly the training, teaching and fitness facility of a world-class champion.

Widely known for seeing the world from the horses’ point-of-view, Market Street has turn-out paddocks, an all-weather outdoor arena and a European walking machine to enhance the care and comfort of their beloved residents.  With an eye toward becoming an internationally renowned training, teaching and fitness facility, Market Street, is by any measure, one of America’s premier, private equestrian facilities.

10 acre Grand Prix Field

Overlooking a 10 acre Grand Prix field, Market Street’s features include twenty-eight 12 x 12 stalls, which has at least one exterior window.  Two insulated tack rooms, feed rooms and four wash stalls afford optimum efficiency in the U-shaped structure, as does a designated farrier’s corner.  A two-story structure centered in the U and surrounded by a courtyard off each wing of the barn includes a ground-floor office and a second story, five-bedroom quarter for grooms.  A 90 x 200 foot indoor arena with numerous sliding exterior windows and doors and a 12 x 22 foot viewing room is the center of the training facility.  The entire structure is built out of pine and features a state-of-the-art fire protection sprinkler system.

The Stable

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